Festival Recycling


Keep the river clean & win prizes for your team!

  1. At registration, your team captain will receive 6 plastic bags (2 black and 4 clear).

  2. At the end of EACH DAY of the race, team captains should bring the following items to the registration desk:

    1. ONE completely FULL, clear plastic bag FILLED with CRUSHED plastic bottles (do NOT include bottle caps); and

    2. ONE clear plastic bag AT LEAST PARTIALLY FILLED with CRUSHED metal cans.

  3. If you follow these instructions, you will receive a speacial blanket, perfect for spreading out on the banks of the Potomac River! These soft, comfy blankets are made of recycled plastic bottles!


  • All plastic bottles and metal cans must be CRUSHED (flattened)

  • The clear plastic bags filled with CRUSHED plastic bottles must be completely FULL

  • The clear plastic bags filled with CRUSHED metal cans do not need to be full

  • Bags must not contain mixed items (e.g., plastic and metal, bottles and cans)

  • The black bags filled with trash should stay at your tents - do NOT bring them to the registration desk

Recycling efforts and prizes are made possible with support from the Tzu Chi Foundation

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